The department of pharmacy of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella, will be hosting its first Postgraduate Research Day (PGRD) to afford postgraduate students and faculty researchers a platform to showcase their research. it is scheduled to take place 11 may 2023.

This event showcases inspiring and innovative research from across our postgraduate research community. The event provides postgraduate researchers with valuable experience in communicating and disseminating their research.

This event can lead to collaborative projects, provide positive and constructive feedback from the research community, and broaden people's outlook within their own specialisms.

Postgraduate researchers will deliver oral, poster or short, sharp three-minute thesis (3MT) presentations to an audience of fellow students, staff and external stakeholders.

There are also workshops and opportunities to network with fellow researchers from across the academic disciplines.

Prizes are awarded for the best presentations in each category .


The Organising Committee